As Connecting Europe Express ends its journey European Year of Rail misses its objective

October 6th 2021

Ahead of the arrival of the Connecting Europe Express (CEE) in Paris tomorrow, marking the closing of the (disappointing) European Year of Rail, we have prepared a press release calling the EU to take further actions to make train revival a reality. 

Europe On Rail coalition, led by European Civil Society Organizations, regrets that this European Year of Rail did not contribute to the effective approval or implementation of structural measures to revive trains through Europe.

While 70% of EU citizens say that they are interested in travelling by night train, no commitment was made at the EU level to launch at least 30 new Europe Express lines and night trains between 2021 and 2025. The lack of concrete decisions and actions is even more regrettable as the European Commission presented earlier this summer the Fit for 55 package in order to reduce by 55% its GHG emissions by 2030. 

Find below the full text of our press release.

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